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we'll get 'em next year

okay, so half the reason i though the tigers were a team of destiny is that during the 2010 world series i was in san francisco, and in fact was downtown the night they won the clincher in arlington. so i thought maybe it was the start of a tradition. but i'm not in st. louis tonight. (knock) but you know what, i was in st. louis, viewing their ballpark from inside the arch, last november on the return trip. so maybe there's something there. (knock) i haven't been watching the series (yeah, i'm a little bitter), but i tuned in just a moment ago when i saw a headline that said the cards were winning. i like a little schadenfreude, (knock) i don't know if it's something they do during the regular season, but i love that they mow the grass on the field so that seen from above you see the image of the arch on the field. i just happened to tune in when they were showing an aerial view.


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