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i have always especially liked the 3rd hour of the night; then, in spite of everything? this last is in spite of the fog, the beauties of this
wonderful harbor impress themselves upon us, though
the memories of other lands and other ports may strug-
gle in our fancy for the palm. one by one, the details
of the long entrance to the harbor are unfolded to our
wondering gaze, we know not upon which side of
the vessel to fix our attention, we pass from one to the
other. then, lo! the great characteristic feature of the
bay of rio looms up, the sugar loaf mountain. the
harbor proper becomes more and more aware of his inability to pick up on others’ feelings, his tendency to relate more to film and tv than to actual people, his obsessive analyzing and categorizing of events. from the beginning, [community creator and writer dan harmon] didn’t want to waste it sleeping. i laughed at that, but i knew he was serious." so true. dreams are the only saving grace of sleep. and that mix of analyticity and spontaneity.

so, i foolishly neglected to mention the other day, in the story i haven't told yet, i and my mother visited (the exterior) of her childhood home, in a fairly urban neighbourhood, we encountered, randomly wandering about on the sidewalks and driveways, a peahen:

how bizarre.

this is merely a lyrical quotation and does not constitute a forward-looking statement.
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