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i had exhausted the possibilities of interest in the old gothic
church, and felt all that a man should feel in deciphering the mural
tombstones of the families who were exiled for their faith in the
days of the reformation. the throngs of merry hebrews from vienna and
buda-pesth, amazingly arrayed as mountaineers and milk-maids, walking
up and down the narrow streets under umbrellas, had cleopatra's charm
of an infinite variety; but custom staled it. the woodland paths,
winding everywhere through the plantations of fir-trees and provided
with appropriate names on wooden labels, and benches for rest and
conversation at discreet intervals, were too moist for even the
nymphs to take delight in them. the only creatures that suffered
nothing by the rain were the two swift, limpid trauns, racing through
the woods, like eager and unabashed lovers, to meet in the middle of
the village. they were as clear, as joyous, as musical as if the sun
were shining. the very sight of their opalescent rapids and eddying
pools was an invitation to that gentle sport which is said to have
the merit of growing better as the weather grows worse.


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