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i should be doing some productive things & getting a reasonable amount of sleep, but not so much.

cold november rain is nice when you're in a good mood and we've had almost nonstop rain (which wasn't very cold early this weekend) with more all day tomorrow.

vanity plates i've seen in the past seven days or so:

svnlegs (on a beemer)
cls act
my zero

oh, and on the chicago trip i saw a hummer with the plate: badxmpl

song things:

driving home sunday early morning i got the church's classic under the milky way tonight and then at precisely 4:47, one of the best songs of all time, tainted love / where did our love go?. then monday night driving in the rain got rain king followed immediately by a soul coughing song & i never hear them on the radio (including satellite which this was) so it was an entire block programmed for me. at one point personal jesus and my own worst enemy were on adjacent stations at the same time. a good pairing i think, i'll have to make a mashup. on the drive home tonight from errands i caught thriller & the third song bythos gave me since being back was also thriller. it's closer to midnight now. oh, and last monday i got another favorite, you can't always get what you want and humorously it was while at a mongolian barbecue restaurant, where you build your own meal to be cooked for you & can, pretty much, get exactly what you want. i guess i've been trying.

gremlins have been committing di-a-bo-lic-al sab-o-tag-ee on my electronic devices. i need a device to combat gremlins.
Tags: thanks bythos!, thanks universe, that song is about me, vanity

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