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here i must pause to put before all ignorant persons an explanation of that word, derived from a very distinguished etymologist who wishes his name kept secret:

isn't it one of our greatest pleasures to play with the fire when we think of women? our minds find speeches in those tiny blue flames which suddenly dart up and babble on the hearth. we interpret as we please the strong, harsh tones of a "burgundian."

"burgundian" is the name given, since the reign of charles vi., to those noisy detonations, the result of which is to fling upon the carpet or the clothes a little coal or ember, the trifling nucleus of a conflagration. heat or fire releases, they say, a bubble of air left in the heart of the wood by a gnawing worm. "inde amor, inde burgundus." we tremble when we see the structure we had so carefully erected between the logs rolling down like an avalanche. oh! to build and stir and play with fire when love is the material development of our thoughts.
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