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as my dad used to say, will ceases never wonder

i forgot to mention that i get plenty of traffic from spammers.

then, funny thing, this morning i was looking back at my november entries from last year to see whether i was as disenchanted with lj-posting back then, and my spam comment for today was on one of those posts, november 23, 2010, entitled "same as it ever was" and with the quoted line "so why-oh why-oh, why-oh why-oh why-oh, are we so in denial? when we know we're not happy here?".

oh, and in looking at those entries i saw that on november 22nd 2010 i posted about hearing you can't always get what you want for the first time in a long time (i even shared the music video). it was almost precisely one year to the day, both mondays, that on november 21st 2011 i heard it for the first time since then, as i mentioned recently, at a mongolian barbecue. how's that for a coincidence?
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