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the first card, the significator, is placed in the center of the cross. this card represents the prime energy manifest in your life. woman of music, when reversed: obsession with the illusion of beauty, grace, and tranquility in your surroundings. undue attention to the emotions and needs of people around you. false belief in your own talents and charm. being haunted by loneliness and dreams. inhibitions blocking your expression of ideas and feeling. over-sensitivity to criticism.

the second card, placed above the significator, represents air. it describes your spirit, process of thought, and the influence of reason. woman of poetry: "to go forth to the great harvest & vintage of the nations". radiating confidence, pride, and self-assurance. being unafraid to promote yourself or reach for what you really want. being generous and open-hearted, but also dramatic and assertive. wanting to inspire others. creative self-fulfillment. gathering a rich harvest from the  situation. expressing intuitive knowledge and leadership. mastery of expression.

the third card, placed to the right of the significator, represents fire. it describes your motivations, creative energies, and the influence of passion. child of poetry: "i found them blind: i taught them how to see". feelings of creative restlessness and artistic impulses. sparks are flying. learning through experience. taking risks. bending over backwards in your effort to see the appropriate direction for self-development and creativity. looking for inspirational influences in your environment.

the fourth card, placed below the significator, represents water. it describes your emotions, meditations, and the influence of love. six of poetry (cooperation), when reversed: unwillingness to bring complimentary forces together. archetypes that should fuel each other remain at odds. too many cooks spoil the broth. teamwork gone awry. trouble dealing with those in high places. being placed in the middle of two warring parties.

the fifth card, placed to the left of the significator represents earth. it describes your physical presence, position in life, and the influence of the material world. five of science (division): feeling overwhelmed and unable to focus on the whole problem. being unable to cut yourself loose. being mentally hung up. personal entanglements. intellectually split. divided loyalties. inaction through indecision.

the sixth card, placed on the bottom left of the triangle represents one of two opposing forces. woman of painting: practical and resourceful executive skills. creative vision is operating on many levels. recognition and tangible rewards may be at hand. group activity or cooperative efforts. making use of appropriate technology. supporting and acknowledging the contributions of others. fostering the arts. creative drives. love of beauty. perceiving hidden values.

the seventh card, placed on the bottom right of the triangle represents the force that opposes the bottom left card. these forces may be external, but they are frequently one's own inner archetypes in conflict. ace of music (passion): "the desire of man being infinite the possession is infinite & himself infinite." release of emotions. upsurge of creative power. unlimited potential. being carried away by your emotions (swept up on wings of song). feeling a passion for life. wanting to achieve the highest potentials in yourself and the situation. following your bliss. feeling a deep sense of grace and fulfillment.   vulnerability and openness.

the eighth card, the reconciler, is placed below the cross in the third vertex of the triangle. this is the force that will resolve the conflict between the bottom left and bottom right cards. by meditating on this force and bringing more of it into your life, you can bring the matter at hand to a swifter conclusion than would naturally occur. mystery, when reversed: an enigma that  resists inner wisdom. unexplained or mysterious energies at work. issues of sexuality. feeling yourself at the mercy of the divine trickster. dark omens and portents. attraction to or advice from a wise man.

the ninth and final card, placed in the center bottom of the triangle, represents the final outcome unless you change course. knowledge, when reversed: an important, possibly moral choice that you refuse to face. uncomfortable insight into a  relationship or one's own involvement in a relationship. inability to integrate all levels of consciousness within oneself. denial of intimacy and open communications.
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