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daily cosmic calendar

the two days before any full moon are a time-period of preparation for the enlightenment that can descend into humanity and every soul who is seeking spiritual illumination. we are well within that 48-hour window of potential inspiration since the full moon - combined with a total lunar eclipse - will happen tomorrow morning. uranus in aries is poised to make its official station - turning from reverse to direct - tonight at 11:05pm pst. today's combination of curious, eager, and adaptable gemini moon with a stationary uranus - a key agent of revolutionary changes, flashes of genius, shock waves, surprises, and breakthroughs or breakdowns in consciousness - can be quite a handful. be aware that uranus is also stopping at the first degree of aries - the same place it was located in back in march 2011 when the zodiacal year began with an exceedingly rare sun-uranus union at the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. the forces of personal liberation and freedom from tyrannical forms of authoritarian control are spreading like wildfires across nations and continents - part of a larger cycle of uranus entering aries every 84 years and synchronizing with tumultuous shifts on terra firma.
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