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speaking of luck (as i was)

see a penny, pick it up
it's sure to bring you lots of luck
unless upon the ground
the penny lies face down
then turn it up and leave it lie
for the next passerby


one can always use more luck, i suppose, and though i've been experiencing a surplusage of late and am not sure whether to treat it as a reinfusion or a novel strain, this happened:

the two elevator banks i frequent, at work and at home, feature five and four individual cars, respectively. when i left work today the elevator car i rode in there contained a penny, face up. when i rode the elevator car at home down to the fitness center level about half an hour after getting home, it contained a penny, face up. 2007 and 1996, respectively.

i do turn over any face down pennies i encounter.
Tags: grace notes, numismatics, sliding doors

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