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i've previously mentioned that perhaps my favorite game show is wheel of carpet samples.
on last friday's episode, unimaginably, jean dujardin made an appearance to reveal the mystery sample en français. further, the winner that day was a gentleman named casey who had one of the bushiest beards one could ever hope to see. he was the lucky recipient of a swanky tortoise sample. the samples of the day (with many repeats):

damp kilt                (repeat)
mocha daydream
foggy waffle
strident lamb        (repeat)
tarpit starfish        (repeat)
mystery sample: beige   (repeat)
snooki thigh
swanky tortoise
opulent gravy
leno's denim        (repeat)
velvet elk
grandma's curtains    (repeat)
soggy wasabi        (repeat)
cheeky zebra
chocolate epiphany
murky sturgeon       (repeat)
Tags: jimmyjimmyjimmy, mental orgasms, moments of extreme surrealism

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