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two christmas' ago i was sitting in california, very unsure of what, if anything, the future held for my band. i don't foresee there ever being a time when i stop making records, but the reality that i may have to go back to making records on a 4-track in my basement at some point is never far from my mind. it's hard to put into words how amazing not being on epic records has been, but the recording budget sure was nice. anyway, i was being a bum in california, writing a little, eating a lot of red meat and silently moping. figured maybe i'd come back to chicago and start making something with tyler in our apartments.

perhaps it was time to embrace the fact that "recording budget" was a thing of the past for margot and the nuclear so & so's. wah wah. that was actually the least of our problems. we didn't really have any plans to do much of anything in the new year.

as has been the case, over and over again for this band, at the moment when things feel sufficiently black, something pretty great happens. the great thing infuses us with energy, and convinces us that it might not be quite time to hang it up yet. this pattern seems to repeat itself every year, thus, we never break up, even when it seems like the smart career move. in this instance, it was a couple pretty great things happening. first, i got a call from the twilight singers who wanted us to go out with them for a month of shows. hot dog! something to do in the new year! problem one was solved. margot had more shows on the books. this was a good thing. but it didn't answer any of the questions surrounding margot album #4, if there was indeed to be such a thing.

great thing number two, was that we got a call from some guys who had started up the pledge site. for awhile, they had talked to us about the benefits of raising money through fan funding, and for a long time we felt like that might be lame. we have worked super hard over the past 7+ years to make sure that everything we did was done with quality, and quality alone, in mind. from 7"s to the full lengths, from album art to t-shirt fabric, we've tried to make good things and not charge an arm and a leg for them. the long and the short of it is, we appreciate the people who dig our band, and we try our best not to fuck them over. we had many discussions about the pledge thing, and decided that we would do it only if we came up with a campaign that we would be stoked to contribute to if we were fans of the band running it. so we spent a couple months designing that campaign, and then we launched it.

and, holy cow, you all funded the damn thing. i believe you funded the damn thing in one night. and then it went higher and higher. i got ahold of brother congleton, still in shock that the project had funded, and we scheduled time at electrical audio. then he booked a plane ticket to chicago. and that was one of the happiest days of my life. i have a lot of you to thank for that. we work without a label or a manager. every now and then a manager calls and expresses interest in working with us. every one of them starts the conversation with a compliment directed towards the band, then quickly transitions to, "you guys have some kind of devoted fans, huh?"

i love making records. i love it so much that i physically hurt when i'm not doing it. it's something i will be unabashedly cheesy about. if i had my way, every day of my life would be spent recording a new album. it's the greatest pleasure of my life. we've been told we make depressing music, and maybe that's true, but the making of that depressing music is almost always a complete and total joy. that is, when we're not ready to kill each other. but you don't tend to remember those bits. thanks for helping us make this record with john. i think you'll like it, but even if you don't, it's yours, and there are no refunds.
because of 500 or so of you, there is a new margot album in the world. you're all executive producers. light a cigar.

anyway, there are a few more things to wrap up. payphone single, a bit more dropbox video footage, a couple remaining skype videos. but, we're nearing the end of this thing, and it seemed time to tell you thanks, and that we do really give a shit about most of you, even when you are bugging us about playing "broadripple". i'm writing something now. it's a little quieter than "rot gut", but i'm excited about it, and i can't wait to start recording it. i hope if i get desperate i can always count on you to help bring it into the world.

i enjoy making music for y'all. thanks for helping me do it,
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