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the attendance at the tigers home game on 4/7 was 44,710 (the largest in franchise history for the second game of the season [espn adds the caveat: since at least 1947], a day when the attendance usually drops off, the third-largest non-opening day crowd in comerica park's 13-year existence, and just a few hundred shy of thursday's opening day numbers).

regarding sunday's game (the third of the red sox series), which the tigers came back to win 13-12 in extra innings: this is the first time that the red sox have ever lost a game in which they held multiple-run leads twice in the ninth inning or later. and it's the 2nd time that the tigers have won a game in this fashion, the first since september 28, 1929 against the white sox. alex avila's walk-off homer was the first one hit by the tigers when trailing in extra innings since september 19, 1998.

i haven't had the chance to watch any of the first three games, though i did get to listen to parts of sunday's game on the radio. but i've worn my orange ballcap with the blue d during each one, and so far they've won every game. i'm going to stick with it.

go tigers!
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