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before she came into my life / i missed her so bad (i think she knows that)

when i was in pittsburgh's shadyside neighbourhood in may, i saw a graffito (well done and colourful i should add) which displayed: "call me maybe" with a pittsburgh phone number. someone else was driving and i couldn't ask to stop or go back, so i didn't get the number, but i'm very curious whose number it is. a brave soul looking to meet someone special?

anyway, if you happen to dig the song (i do) despite its being a cheesy pop song with a few terribly inane lyrics, you should check out the opening to jimmy fallon's show from the 8th. even if you don't dig the song you still might like the video if you like kazoos, toy xylophones, triangles, bongos, and ukeleles. and/or the roots. [please to be pressing mute for the ad which prefaces it. i do.]
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