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storm on the 4th of july

nature reigns supreme and thunderstorms often drop in about this time to remind us.
after what i'm told was a pretty good drought, thunderstorms blew in this week, causing rain delays of more than an hour for each of the tigers games on the 3rd, the 4th, and today (a day game). this streak perhaps a record for detroit, unlike, say tampa, and even the radio announcers made mention of it early in today's broadcast. i couldn't attend any of the games, so i just enjoyed the storms. tuesday morning i woke up to them and they lasted the whole day through, on and off. on wednesday we were driving home from a western suburb and caught up with a storm moving southeast -- i don't know that i've ever seen so many cars pulled off on the shoulder to wait out a rainstorm. we passed at least 30. it's lovely to driver through hailstones and blinding rain. i'm hoping that the 20% chance for sunday doesn't materialize though.
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