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another chapter in a book where the chapters are endless (and they're always the same)

a verse, then a verse, and refrain.
always refrain.

the first line, divided, shows the looking of a lad - not blamable in men of inferior rank, but matter for regret in superior men.
the sixth line, undivided, shows its subject contemplating his character to see if it be indeed that of a superior man.
the friendly sentry on duty again that night proved singularly blind. thus it happened that, although the night was clear when the twin dials of the votivkirche showed nine o'clock, he did not notice a cab that halted across the street from the hospital.
still more strange that, although peter passed within a dozen feet of him, carrying a wriggling and excited figure wrapped in a blanket and insisting on uncovering its feet, the sentry was able the next day to say that he had observed such a person carrying a bundle, but that it was a short stocky person, quite lame, and that the bundle was undoubtedly clothing going to the laundry.

today's the 5th of november.
another october's gone by.
and when they light up our town i just think
what a waste of gunpowder and sky.

(the trippiest thing i've ever seen)

so that's today's memory lane.
Tags: vendettas, wastes of gunpowder and sky

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