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magic numbers

the tigers' magic number on this last day of september with three games to go in the regular season is the singular 1.

i neglected to write about it, lax as i've been, but on september 7th, driving home from work we saw a fan in a car with the vanity plate avila13. when i got home, i grabbed the only tigers tee which was handy which happened to be avila's #13. avila proceeded to hit his first home run in a month, only his 8th of the year at that point, to tie the game. (though we eventually lost by one run, as we've been prone to do so often this season.) then on the 11th i wore cabrera's 24 and he hit a home run against our rival sox. (though we won, that wasn't the game-winning run.) then, following the batting order, i wore prince fielder's 28 on the 12th, and he hit a 3-run home run against those sox. (though we won, that wasn't the game-winning run.) so today i grabbed my orange fielder shirt, though i'd rather cabrera was hitting home runs at this point. and what do you know, fielder hit a 2-run homer which was the tigers' only scoring of the game as they held on to win 2-1. i'm just sayin'.
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