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neil gaiman gives me to know that today is national poetry day in the united kingdom (within national poetry month) and that the year's theme is stars. thus, though i'm only a quarter british, i'm glad to have completed this in time to share it today. and i will pretend that i kept to the form of the english sonnet (as best i could) in honor of that. the overall method of construction deriving from the one shared by toctoc here. that said, i give you:

"feel so close"
for c.

so close right now to you i feel no doubt;
no loss, no cross, no dross shall e'er impede
our course, niagaran as your keen spout
which 'bounding drowns my desert, blooms my seed.
enfolded thus, emboldened thus, i dare
gallant feats, bear sad defeats, flaunt votive
motifs set in stone, make show to declare
'fore the world, brashly expose my 'motive
vessel 'pon my arm, emblazoned, scarlet.
fortune cheer'd, we've tripp'd the light ecstatic
and twirl'd 'neath a sky moon-lasso'd starlit.
our nearness broadcasts bright through dark static:
though fever'd feet an aisle have never tread --
vanquish'd vain denial -- we two are wed!

this work copyright casey donal jones, 2012.
Tags: love is in the air, maddy's daddy, poems, william shakespeare

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