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man, i love detroit in the rain / i love / i love / i love in the rain

it was my fault that i didn't make it a point to check the weather, just assuming, after years of living there, it wasn't going to be raining in downtown detroit. so i was, as i so often am, unbrellaed. and it was my choice to park at the lot we have a monthly pass for after dropping c. off at the fillmore and walk a mile to save a few bucks. but it was reasonably warm (it would, bizarrely, get warmer and warmer as the night went on until it got to seventy degrees this afternoon) and i didn't mind walking through the light rain. though i wouldn't be able to watch the tigers live i was wearing my tigers hoodie and #58 galarraga tee, probably the only person sporting such regalia for regina. but i was probably the only person reading beckett during the pregame at comerica park during last year's postseason.

the concert was great though i would have loved to have heard more from the older albums. c. was a convert after the show; all aglow.

the rain was far fiercer after the show but i wouldn't have had it elsewise.

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