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i thought maybe i'd watch the recording of the tigers game when i got home from the concert around eleven-thirty. i wish i had. but i hadn't been able to sleep in that morning, and i just didn't have the energy. so i woke up around ten and, steadfastly avoiding the internet for fear of accidentally learning the game's outcome, sat down to take in game one.

only to discover, after eight and a half innings of terrific baseball, valverde had blown it again and the game was going into extra innings. and then, despite having added one hour to the recording time, the recording ended with the outcome undetermined in the eleventh inning. i had to find out the outcome from the internet after all. and so i loaded up the tigers' website to see which of the two possible headlines would be writ there. and found to my relief that my guy guy smyly had shut down their offense while our best bats did their part. and also learned that derek jeter had been lost for the season to an injury. and all i could say was 'wow'.
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