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baseball superstition

so in this year's postseason i'd been having a ridiculous streak: no state quarters in change from hot dog purchases. just dated quarters (in both senses). and then, at tonight's fourth game of the alcs, between the 2nd and 3rd innings, i purchased a $4.25 dog with a fiver. my change, bizarrely: two, count 'em, two new york state quarters and a 1995 quarter. what are the odds? so, presuming the two ny quarters represented games 6 & 7 which would be played (if necessary) in new york, and the '95 quarter represented game 5, which would be played (if necessary) not in new york, i promptly threw them away in the nearest trash can. they wouldn't be needed.

and speaking of ridiculous streaks, tv broadcasters (including local ones) of mlb games will occasionally conduct a live interview of a star player or manager during a game while gameplay is ongoing. justin verlander had a ridiculous streak going: every game this season in which he did an in-game interview, his teammates scored at least one run while he was mic'd up. i personally watched a couple-three of these games during the regular season and it had gone on to such an extent he was discussing the streak with the broadcasters during the interview (which goes against typical baseball superstition of not talking about something while it's ongoing, like a potential no-hitter). when i got home from the game tonight i was skipping through the dvr recording for the major highlights when i noticed verlander being interviewed (his first such postseason interview) in the bottom of the 3rd. so i watched the entire half inning, knowing that his streak would continue. the announcers ran out of questions and were gonna let him go before the inning ended, but justin politely declined, citing his streak. so they kept him on the mic and sure enough the tigers scored a run. pure magic.

speaking of magic, i wore my #27 jhonny peralta tee to the game on wednesday up until it was 'rain'ed out. i didn't want to wear the same tee again, so today i wore my green #14 austin jackson tee. austin jackson hit a home run. jhonny peralta hit TWO home runs. (sure, miggy hit a home run too, but how many shirts do you expect me to wear at once?). i'm just sayin'.
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