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before my trip to california in august i needed to re-blonde my hair and as it turned out my previous stylist had abruptly left the salon, destination unknown (to me). so i randomly picked a new salon (based on it being open on sunday and having generally positive reviews) and was randomly entrusted to a stylist named samantha. samantha did a fine job and i was intent on making my followup appointment with her this weekend only to learn she had left the salon (at whose initiative i know not). apparently this is common. so rather than patronize the somewhat overpriced salon which may or may not have fired her, i randomly picked a new salon (based on it being open late on saturday and having generally positive reviews). i arrived at my appointment only to be randomly entrusted to a stylist named samantha. apparently that's been a top ten female name from 1988 to 2006...but still...
Tags: coincidence incidents, just sayin', true story

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