cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

holiday spirit

james thomas fallon ii aired another brilliant episode of the classic game show wheel. of. carpet. samples! last night. on this occasion the carpet samples were all from the holiday collection (excepting the mystery color, sadly).
they were:

infinite snowman
stubborn elf
christmas fantasy
lustrous wreath
sudden reindeer
sultry grinch
mystery sample
santa's silky sack
frosty eggnog
gingerbread odyssey
sensual fruitcake
soggy toboggan
naughty coal
pompous mistletoe
menorah destiny
santa's pantsuit

and the carpet sample available as a blind trade-in for the 3rd spinner was:

cocky stocking
Tags: christmas, happiness is, jimmyjimmyjimmy, whimsey

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