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a mind of winter

we never did have a chance for c. to show me the fall foliage brightening the hills of western pennsylvania but the blizzard afforded a wonderfully white coating on the otherwiseevergreens and leafless trees that was quite majestic. when we arrived home on thursday night we were given to know that we'd missed about eight inches of snowfall in troy as that was what lay upon cw's nurse's unmoved toyota and our driveway and lawn. it was quite welcome.

not having lived in a house in winter since 1996, i had not been required to shovel any snow since then. it was a welcome return to it. c. did not own an ice scraper, not being apt to use one, so i purchased one today and today cleared the drive and side door walk (the front door walk having been cleared friday morning for the far from courageous postman (whatever happened to 'stayed neither by snow nor sleet nor dark of night'?) who'd held our letters hostage). it's rewarding work.

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