cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

it was unseasonably warm saturday (cresting at sixty) and sunny enough so we took another trip to the detroit zoo. i had long intended to get a snow globe depicting the rackham fountain found there and its bear pair; intended to since i went to the premiere of coraline in february of 2009 -- the movie featured fairly prominently just such a snow globe. however, the zoo was still in the process of securing the manufacture in china of replica snow globes and this task fell out of my mental queue, so much so that it never occurred to me from my first visit to the zoo in 2011 through several subsequent visits until yesterday. as it turned out, the zoo never pursued a strict replica, opting for a slightly different depiction of the fountain and different signage. i am glad to have missed the first iteration though; having seen photos of it online, it's a far cry from the version currently available. with the weather going the way it's been, a snow globe is nearly the only way to see snowfall around here.
Tags: detroit, maddy's daddy

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