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most outstanding kinescoped personality

collections of words that mean nothing, now, meant something once?
everything exists in a sense, too many things exist, but some things are lost, or thought lost.

i did not know (did you?) that bing crosby was a part owner of the pittsburgh pirates franchise from 1946 until his death (in the 1947 season the pirates finished last among nine national league teams).

in regard to those pirates' 1960 world series game 7 ("one of the most famous in baseball history"), quoth wiki:

"prior to the 1970s, television networks and stations generally did not preserve their telecasts of sporting events, choosing instead to tape over them. as a result, the broadcasts of the first six games are no longer known to exist. the lone exception is a black-and-white kinescope of the entire telecast of game 7, which was discovered in a wine cellar in bing crosby's home in hillsborough, california in december 2009.

too superstitious to watch the series live, crosby listened to the decisive contest with his wife kathryn and two friends on a shortwave radio in paris, france. wanting to watch the game at a later date only if the pirates won, he arranged for a company to record it. after viewing the kinescope, he placed it in his wine cellar, where it went untouched for 49 years. it was finally found by robert bader, vice-president of marketing and production for bing crosby enterprises, while looking through videotapes of crosby's television specials which were to be transferred to dvd. the five-reel set is the only known complete copy of the historic game, which was originally broadcast in color.

the nbc television announcers for the series were bob prince and mel allen, the primary play-by-play voices for the pirates and yankees respectively. prince called the first half of game 7 and conducted postgame interviews in the pittsburgh clubhouse, while allen did the latter portion.

on october 13, 2010, for the 50th anniversary of the series winning home run, a gala narrated by bob costas was hosted by the byham theater in downtown pittsburgh. bill virdon, 1960 mvp dick groat and yankee bobby richardson were guest speakers. the mlb network would air the game and gala on december 15, 2010. the telecast was also released on dvd by a&e home video."
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