cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

green day

we had an irish lunch today with my friend mike and his wife kz. the overly loud speakers at the restaurant played billy ocean's get out of my dreams (1988) and i asked c. if she could name the artist. she couldn't and mike offered, half-jokingly: "it's one of those billys, ocean or joel, they sound the same." the very next song to come on was billy joel's piano man (1973). a little while later this exceptionally diverse music stream gave us coolio's fantastic voyage (1994), which i'd just made a reference to friday night when we were hanging out with mike & kz and another couple.

later in the day we shared our second shamrock shake of the season. its cost? exactly 3.17 with tax.
Tags: coincidence incidents, shakes

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