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my ebert thing

a true thing:

nearly every movie i considered seeing in theatres, certainly every movie for which i consulted reviews in advance, the first review i sought out was his.
every movie i watched on home video which garnered particular interest, for good or ill, i looked to see what he had said about it.
though i disagreed with him often enough (he thought the goonies wasn't fit to shine the shoes of e.t.), i always liked to hear his opinions and insights. he was the first critic i found whose tastes were as broad as mine, who appreciated the high brow but could find the value in popcorn movies like pirates of the caribbean, who judged films on their merits, not their genre.

that there are so many older films i've yet to see which he's written about is a great legacy. that i can't look for his thoughts on films released in the years to come is a great loss.

i would have loved to have his job, but i never aspired to it. i knew i wasn't capable of expressing my thoughts that well. it's abundantly clear when you look at my hamfisted tribute and then look to his praise for herzog (speaking, as we were, of herzog).

he even said it best about his own life: "you can't say it wasn't interesting."
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