cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

lucky number slev3n

before i forget (even more than i already have):

slev3n on a blue passat -- i have seen this car on the highway a few times, saw it the other morning on the way in, in fact, but now i see and remember that it is always parked on the street outside the gallery of dumouchelle auctioneers, a venue i hadn't even noticed until i ran into it during an online search for a particular kind of antiquity. i still haven't browsed the gallery, only looked in on it from the large picture windows fronting the major street.

pax pax on a red beetle
wrk2ply on a black cts (nothing to do with toilet paper, i'm sure)
macross on a black wrangler
letme b on a sporty convertible
clc 1978
4ct 747 (this not, i think, a vanity plate. but it speaks to me. is it forecourt or for court?)

there have been oh so many more.
my mind is mush.
Tags: vanity

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