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waiting on the wings

it's a shame we don't have any interleague games against the cubs this year, but it was nice to see we play seven against houston, who have the lowest payroll in the league, a miniscule payroll, including four at home starting last night. of course i didn't expect a game against these doormats to go until the 14th inning. so last night, while watching the red wings blow a 4-1 lead and head into extra time as well, i happened to see on my computer that the tigers had loaded the bases and that my tiger, don kelly, who's still clinging to a roster spot, was up to bat. i changed the stations literally "just in time" to see him hit an rbi single, his first rbi of the year, and give the tigers what ended up being the winning run. that's my tiger. the tigers' jones index is down to 78 which is how warm it was yesterday afternoon.

then to cap things off, the red wings quickly scored in overtime so that people could get some sleep. a win is a win, i guess.

don kelly 14th inning rbi
Tags: athletics, baseball, detroit, numerology

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