cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

i seek exotic travels without a don qui

although i've started to use cash instead of plastic more frequently, it's still very seldom i get a where's george branded bill.
and then the other night, when paying for gas and lotto, i paid separately for each transaction and used a twenty on the ten-dollar lotto purchase despite having received in a ten in change from the gas purchase. and was rewarded by receiving a where's george branded tenner. (i guess that would make it a grace note.) and it's the best i've ever received, having come from the exotic locale of fernandina beach on amelia island on the north coast of florida. and it wended the 800+ miles in 304 days to my hands without another soul opting to input it into the wg database. i've been saving it to spend when i'm somewhere much more exotic.
Tags: grace notes, numismatics, quixotic, words

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