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so i said this was a blue year after last year's red. and it has been.
minor iron man 3 spoilers, but [the movie opens with my old favorite 'blue (da ba dee)' despite it being 14 years old.]

and now, the vanity plate pictured beneath the cut:

myboyblu on a blue honda element as i walked from the tigers game to my office in the financial district.

and it's always the things you didn't realize were in the picture, the little details, isn't it?
there's a bit of city reflected in the rear window of the car and my old apartment building, and in fact my old balcony, can be seen on the left side of that window. it was the best of times and it was the best of times.

in recent days:
sunrose on a little silver compact
eemcsq on a cream-colored volt
mynuluv on a gorgeous red new model camaro
redhare on a red mini cooper (i knew a guy named red hare in oregon...probably not the same)

Tags: detroit, grace notes, in search of sunrise, moments of extreme surrealism, vanity

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