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as i hope to talk about elsewhere, i attended wednesday and thursday's tigers games against the pirates in pittsburgh. in an unlikely twist, i did not attend monday and tuesday's pirates games against the tigers in detroit.

at any rate, what i wanted to mention in this entry is that this week has been rivalry week in the interleague matchup season.
to wit: the new york mets swept the crosstown yanks, the los angeles dodgers and angels warred, the battle of ohio (cleveland and cincinnati) occurred, tampa bay squared off with miami, kansas city clashed with st. louis, the battle of the bay bridges betwixt san francisco and oakland was won by the proper team, chicago's cubs and white sox boxed, and baltimore went to washington.

amidst all of these geographically aligned rivalries, the tigers were paired with the pirates. this can be no mere coincidence.

in addition to all of the previously noted links, now my old tiger, brandon inge, who played for oakland last year, now plays for these pirates. he's no longer a starter-caliber player (teams believe) on a regular basis, but he has started 15 of the bucs 54 games this year. including thursday night's (he did not start wednesday though he did get an at-bat). pure coincidence since he replaced a player who unexpectedly had needed to have two wisdom teeth removed. but it was nice because thursday i wore my inge tigers t-shirt to the game. (donnie kelly, my current tiger, didn't play thursday, though he did start on wednesday, which was cool, though i don't have a kelly shirt {he's not big enough to merit a t-shirt at the store and i haven't wanted to shell out for a custom jersey}).

at each of the games we sat near a split couple (female pittsburgh fan with her male detroit beau) mirroring our situation and encountered many more of the same (as we have on past trips as well). split, but twined.
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