cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

without noticing

"how shall we plant the olive, pray, ischomachus?"

"i see your purpose. you ask that question with a view to put me to the test, when you know the answer yourself as well as possible. you can see with your own eyes that the olive has a deeper trench dug, planted as it is so commonly by the side of roads. you can see that all the young plants in the nursery adhere to stumps. and lastly, you can see that a lump of clay is placed on the head of every plant, and the portion of the plant above the soil is protected by a wrapping.

"what is your opinion about it?" was muller's next remark, made rather suddenly after a moment's pause.

the directness of the question seemed to shake the girl out of her enforced calm. a slow flush mounted into her pale cheeks and then died away, again leaving them whiter than before. "i do not know - oh, i do not know what to believe." but she has many resources in herself, many resources.

he started back and tore his coat open as if something warm were actually clinging to him beneath it. he hurried up the deck and went into the saloon parlor, full of women who had retreated thither from the sharp wind. he threw himself upon them. he talked delightfully to the older ones and played accompaniments for the younger ones until the last sleepy girl had followed her mother below. then he went into the smoking-room. he played bridge until two o'clock in the morning, and managed to lose a considerable sum of money without really noticing he was doing so.
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