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here's a thing

a week or so ago, i made a purchase at a gas station with cash. my change included three quarters.
two of these quarters were bicentennial quarters featuring the revolutionary drummer. the third was new jersey's state quarter, featuring the motto 'crossroads of the revolution', and depicting washington crossing the delaware. it wasn't independence day or even flag day, but c'mon.

on our date to see the great gatsby saturday, i received a beat up quarter from my birth year.

on thursday the sixth, i received in change the first quarter released in the 'america the beautiful quarters' series (of which i've come across very few) which depicts hot springs national park in garland county, arkansas. as it happens, the case to which i am dedicating the majority of my time right now at work concerns a plaintiff named jacob who lived and worked in neighboring yell county, arkansas. our client lives in the city of hot springs. that very evening, one of my bosses was in little rock meeting with our client prior to a site inspection the following day in yell county. that very evening, c. and i went to see the movie mud at c.'s suggestion. the movie was written and directed by a man who was born in little rock. it was shot in southeast arkansas and takes place in arkansas. for the lead teenage role neckbone, over 2,000 boys auditioned, and a 15-year-old named jacob from yell county was selected.

i'm still hoping to get the hawai'i volcanoes and white mountain national forest quarters to show up. fingers crossed.
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