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earlier this week i was looking for the first time at possible wedding sites in a certain city here in michigan (call it z) i've been considering, having been persuaded by parties near and far and dear that it would be kinder to the guests to have it here rather than a more exotic destination. tonight, already home after work, i jumped into ophelia to run a brief errand before dinner. the first thing i heard was a radio advertisement encouraging the listener to visit city z. "it's time to start planning your trip to city z!" seriously... and the radio was tuned to a station i rarely listen to, the classic rock station. coincidentally, while driving home in rush hour traffic i was parallel to an suv which belonged to the very same radio staion and which was painted and decaled out to promote the station and some summer vacation contest it was holding. when i got back from the errand i was reading our local suburb's little twenty page 'newspaper' ... and there i saw a quarter page ad promoting tourism to city z.
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Tags: phenotypical clustering, the best of plans, what the luck

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