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super flew us

the superman story didn't need another retelling anymore than spiderman (i avoided that one), certainly not a poor one.
i should've known, actually, was given a sign: kevin costner was in it.
i loathe him. i tried to keep an open mind once upon a time and rented waterworld because of all the notoriety it had accrued; i wanted to see how a movie with the highest budget at the time managed to be such an epic fail. and see i did.
i wanted to say i hadn't suffered through a movie with him in it since then, but i did see 3000 miles to graceland, which managed to survive his taint.
but that was more than ten years ago.

now i should say that i like several zach snyder films, but i've come to see that though he's a talented director, he doesn't know when he's directing a terrible script. (goyer's done some decent work in the past, but also a lot of crap, which this certainly was). and i'm beginning to suspect his casting.

to wit:

michael shannon. loathe him.
russell crowe. tolerate him. i'm told i'll think better of him once i've seen a beautiful mind, but i haven't yet.
diane lane. do not really care for, though i seem to recall she was fine in indian summer when i saw that in a theater in the summer of '93 (but haven't seen since).
the new clark kent was okay, despite being a brit, but i'd prefer the 2006 one (and the 2006 film itself, though it wasn't overly impressive).

so the movie itself was horrible. and as the terrible aspects seem to accumulate in terrible films, the lone rock song by a current artist was by chris cornell, whom i also loathe.

they can't all be winners. it's my own fault for ignoring the clear signal sent.
the moral of the story is: never watch a movie with kevin costner in it.


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Jun. 23rd, 2013 01:25 am (UTC)
nice title.
so, i'm wondering if this is a sure sign that i'll like the film. lol i probably won't see it for another week or two.

i liked the amazing spider-man, but didn't love it. it had a good feel and look to it, but the story was nothing new. andrew garfield didn't fit my ideal of peter parker/spider-man either.

the man of steel trailer looks good visually to me, but henry cavill just doesn't look like a superman to me.

i mostly hated the 2006 film. i wouldn't have minded a reboot there. i hated the girl playing lois lane, which is something i was concerned about with man of steel since i don't particularly care for amy adams. however, she seemed fine in the trailer.

i like both kevin costner and diane lane. not sure about fishburne. no jimmy olsen in this story?

i usually don't care for general zod stories.

i love a beautiful mind, but if you already don't like russell crowe, i don't see it changing your opinion.
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