cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

and there's always something there to remind me

it's easy to become frustrated by one's lover from time to time...just as one gets frustrated with one's own failings. but we somehow find it easier to quickly get over them in ourselves. but really it's not that hard to get out of that frame of mind when one remembers the love. small reminders are always all about.

this afternoon on the way to the grocer before dinner i heard one of the chiefest of "our" songs again, finger eleven's one thing.

tonight, after taking out the trash, i needed to move ophelia to the street so i wasn't blocking the driveway for c. who needs to leave very early in the morning. i caught the tail end of another of our songs, slide by the goo goo dolls, which transitioned immediately to yet another of our songs, never tear us apart. it's not among c.'s favorite songs by inxs, being that it tends to the overly sentimental hokey hyperbole ballads partake of which shakespeare's sonnets parodied, but i'm a sucker for that sort of thing and she's grown to love it more with me.

here is a version sung by a saint.
Tags: grace notes, lips different, love is in the air, radio jonesy

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