cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

speaking of blue moons

when i saw the blue moon low in the sky wednesday it was a rusty red.

but when i stepped out sometime just before midnight this evening to take out some trash, i looked up at the mostly full moon and saw that it was surrounded by a blue aura like flower petals. i don't mean the circular halo one often sees, though that was there too. it was more like a lunar . in fact it looked nearly exactly like the photo on this page, although the moon was white not rusty.

i asked c. to come out and confirm she was seeing the same thing i was and she did so.

i took some photos with my good camera but until i dig out the cable that links it to a pc i won't be able to share them.
as the photos were being processed by the camera's software the moon was initially surrounded by dozens of blue pixels until they coalesced into a bluish white light.
the aura was circular up close, but when i zoomed out for a distance shot the operation of the camera caused the light to arc in a vertical line above and below the moon.
i'm not sure how much of the blue will come through in the photos but i could see it somewhat in the onboard previews of the photos.

more to come.
Tags: blue, celestia, moments of extreme surrealism, watching the wheels

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