cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

here's a thing

one of those neat things the universe does on a regular basis i don't always manage to post:

c. and i were driving home from the supermarket and on our way to stop by the storage unit to drop a few things off from the house.
the song on the radio was the power of love by huey lewis, a longtime favorite of mine from back to the future.
and then we saw it: though we were on one the main boulevards, not a neighbourhood side street, a kid passed by skating on a skate board (something i rarely see). not only that but it was a roughshod, perhaps even homemade skateboard, of just simple unadorned wood, much like the skateboard that marty improvises in the past in the film. and of course power of love is the song which plays while marty skateboards through town in 1985. man, that's heavy.
Tags: 1001 movies, grace notes, moments of extreme surrealism, radio jonesy, watching the wheels

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