cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

another small thing

on the same car ride home, i tuned the radio to a hits station i rarely listen to. shortly thereafter the song that came on was kt tunstall's black horse and the cherry tree, the one song that c. was certain she'd use if she were forced to use 'horses' as the theme for our christmas mix cd.

later when i got home i read a comment by my friend rustingwillpowr with horse songs she favored which included kt tunstall's.

then, just a bit ago, my computer having been rebooted due to a fuse blowing, i had to load up all of my open firefox tabs. hulu had been playing through from when i left it absentmindedly on an early august episode of the tonight show and had played all the way through the most recently aired show on august 9th. it was that show which began when the window loaded up. the musical guest for that episode? kt tunstall.
Tags: grace notes, phenotypical clustering, radio jonesy, true story

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