cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

they call him mello yello

yesterday was yellow. it was yellow hot, having dropped to a high in the mid-80s. there was a bright yellow sun beaming down my entire commute home.
we watched some of the pirates' game against the cubbies. they were at home and the broadcast included the occasional shot of those bright yellow bridges that belong to the many in the city of bridges. saw the weirdest thing in the crowd at one point. a really clean-cut looking guy in a full grey suit including the suitcoat was standing in the stands next to an older woman dressed fairly well-off but conservatively for a ballgame. they didn't fit in with the fans around them and the guy was pretty disinterested in the game. my guess is he's the chauffeur/security detail.
Tags: baseball, chicago, found bizarre/found bazaar, pittsburgh

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