cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

green thirteen

friday the thirteenth, typically a pretty lucky day, was green. it was green hot, having cooled all the way down to a high of 79.
verlander was pitching against the royals, so i wore my verlander shirt which is green. he beat the royals for the first time this season, a season that has seen him struggle to find his edge. during the postgame coverage weather channel personality adrienne green gave the forecast for saturday once again sponsored by the world's fairs exhibit at the henry ford i so enjoyed. once again i marveled at just how much green meets the eyes living outside of the cities where i'd lived so long. lawns, an endless canopy of trees, shrubs, bushes, it's so much a part of the background that it rarely rises to the foreground of my thoughts. the outfield at comerica an expanse of green. and i got my green in the form of my paycheck and my co-workers and i gathered our greenbacks to join a pool for the powerball which has again passed the 300 million mark. that's a lot of green.

green's a pretty lucky color. and it was a pretty lucky day.
Tags: baseball, detroit, numerology, what the luck

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