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magic numbers

this is long overdue. so it goes.

the magic number is 94. that is, when i responded to nightspore's comment to this entry in april, i stated that "any team in our division that can win 94 games is probably going to win the division." as it currently stands, the most games that the 2nd place team can win, if they win out, is 93. so if the tigers can't get to 94 wins, they win the division, like i figured. of course that number should go down a bit as we can't reasonably expect cleveland to win all 11 of its remaining games. knock.

magic numbers:

6. for the tigers to win their division. before tonight's game with verlander pitching.
6. for the pirates to guarantee a playoff spot.
12. for the pirates to win their division. prospects aren't great.
2. for the dodgers to win their division -- they should be the first to clinch.

3. consecutive games in which a tigers pitcher had a successful pickoff of a runner at first base, the first time they'd done that since 1974. all three were last weekend against the royals, a team which loves to steal.

20. the milestone number of wins max scherzer still hasn't reached, even though he pitched really well against the royals, recording 12 k's, and after smyly blew the lead for max, we won the game.
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