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one magic number is one

another magic number is 1405 or the sky's the limit, really.

the tigers have four games remaining and winning a single one of the four clinches the division. we don't rest easy. we've seen similar squandered.

the major league record for strikeouts by a single team in a single season is 1404, set in 2003 by the cubbies.
the tigers have more than 1380 after tonight (they showed the stat midgame and we got more so i lost count).
with four games left in the season i feel good about their chance to make a little history.

speaking of which, on sunday in sunny southern california, felix hernandez made a little history, striking out 10 betters in just 4 innings, the first time that'd been done since 1909. the same game featured two delays because a swarm of bees was overtaking the field. and who else was there but umpire james joyce. yeah, that james joyce. the recap:

both teams retreated to their dugouts during an initial 23-minute delay. the bees roamed over the right side of the field and eventually hovered near the ficus trees beyond the wall in center.

"they started coming out of the stands," said franklin gutierrez, the mariners' right fielder. "i saw (fans) going out, and then the bees started coming to right field. that was scary." gutierrez doesn't know if he's allergic to bee stings, "but i just started running away just in case."

"mid-pitch, i had them swarming around my head," said smoak, who was playing first base. "first time i've ever had that."

the angels had two runners on and two outs in the third when the bees interrupted. most fans stayed in their seats as a few brave grounds crew members and crowd volunteers attempted to deter the swarm with a broom, a gatorade cooler and a cardboard box.

"that dude just came out of the stands and said `it's ok. i'm a beekeeper," wilson said. "it was like a `seinfeld' episode. do you tip a bee guy? throw him a 20? i don't carry cash on me when i'm pitching, so it wouldn't have been me."

hernandez escaped a bases-loaded jam when the game resumed, but there was another short delay in the fourth when mike trout and kole calhoun began swatting at more bees in the outfield.

"i thought they had gotten rid of all of them, and then when i got out there, all the fans were yelling: `they're on the ground! they're on the ground!'" calhoun said. "so i'm looking around and i see them swarming and stuff, and then i see a pile of bees on the ground -- hundreds and hundreds of bees. there were bees everywhere. i had to call (umpire) jim joyce over there."

a quick blast from the fire extinguisher dissuaded the bees from sticking around.

"kole was really freaking out all of a sudden because i guess there was a softball-size bee colony that was swarming on the ground," wilson said. "it was amazing. i've never seen that before."
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