cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

the magic number is three

three consecutive division championships. it's sweet.

my favorite part though is seeing the postgame interview with jim leyland (one of only three skippers to lead two separate teams to three or more division championships {the other team of course the pirates}). we knew he'd be sobbing with joy for the fans in the city and everyone involved and he certainly was. it means a lot. but this year was perfect -- in the middle of his sobbing interview with mario impemba, the phenomenal personality full of heart and humor known as torii hunter came in from the celebration room and bear-huggingly scooped jim up and carried him into the celebration room, where he deserved to be, at least for a little while, celebrating with his raucous players. he surrendered to the moment, jumping up and down a bit as a 68-year-old kid, and then gave a little dance -- he appeared to moonwalk -- out of the room to retreat back into his offices. (i'd seen him moonwalk on the field during one of the earlier telecasts this year, so i know he has it in him). he gave a few more comments to mario before he was allowed to enjoy the achievement on his own terms.
Tags: baseball, detroit, happiness is, magic, thanks universe

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