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magic numbers

6: the number of home runs the pirates hit today in cincinnati, reflective of their urgency to win this particular game. 2 of the homers were by my pirate, neil walker. cutch: "today showed how bad we wanted to go home. we answered in a big way."

93: the actual number of wins the tigers clinched the division with (and may just finish with, unless verlander wins tomorrow), and the number of wins the pirates reached today to clinch homefield advantage for their wildcard game against cincinnati (i like the word). yes, that's right, the tigers and pirates have identical records going into the last day of the regular season.

1: one single playoff game for the pirates' first playoff appearance in 21 years. on tuesday it's win or go home.

47: the number of the pirates' chosen pitcher for that do or die game, francisco liriano, whom i well know from his days as a twin
47: the number of cincinnati's chosen pitcher for that do or die game, johnny cueto, because the pitcher they'd rather go with, mat latos, well dusty baker said his arm was "barking".

the magic month arrives tuesday.


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Sep. 29th, 2013 07:36 am (UTC)
The Tigers have done a lot of good things since 2003. Was much mention made this year of the 10th anniversary of that year?
Sep. 29th, 2013 03:46 pm (UTC)
nope. i hadn't seen a one.
i'm a bit of a fairweather fan and i didn't follow them as closely until things got good in 2006. (i haven't followed the pistons closely in years). and then when i actually arrived in detroit (started working here the same spring as cabrera) and could go to the ballpark.
given the quality of our fan base, and ilitch's success with the red wings, i'm surprised they ever allowed the quality to drop so low. i was trying to figure out just how putrid miami and houston were this year and i did see no team has lost more than 111 games since we lost 119. again, i'm surprised it ever got that bad here.
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