cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

vanity in person

as if my september had not already been crazy enough, surreal enough:

i turned the corner from a side street onto my quiet street and saw about a dozen people crowded on a lawn across the street and about two houses south of my house. it didn't quite look like a party or garage sale, perhaps a news crew or police action?

i slowed my vehicle and couldn't believe what i was seeing: dog the bounty hunter, his wife, and their film crew were standing on the lawn with a few guys that looked like law enforcement. dog the bounty hunter.

i learn later that his eponymous television show was canceled after 8 seasons but that now he has a new series called: dog and beth: on the hunt. for which he was filming an episode. across the street from my house. note that we don't live in a rough neighbourhood.

i did not get a good photo of mr. dog, since i did not want to approach too closely a scene in which a desperate possibly armed fugitive might have been cornered. from all appearances his tip did not pan out and he did not locate his bounty. they drove away after a good twenty minute of hanging around their suvs.

but when they drove away i got a decent shot of dog's white escalade pickup. it most likely belonged to a local bounty hunter he was associating himself with, since it had michigan plate (their other vehicles had colorado plates). the vanity plate:


they can't have been there for very long before i got home because i was the first person to stand outside their house and watch the (rather boring) excitement. there were more than a dozen neighbours gathered after some time had passed. had i not come home as late as i did (7 rather than 5:30ish, tonight) i may never have even seen this. i would have remained inside the house, blissfully unaware. so chance.

surreality tv.
Tags: detroit, found bizarre/found bazaar, happenschance, i don't make this up, moments of extreme surrealism, true story, vanity

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