cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

red vs blue

so today was blue, but it was definitely a red blue.
c. tasked me with picking up two items from the grocer after work: tomato sauce for the shrimp creole and fruit.
i'm a dream customer because i'm always picking up extra items and trying new things.
the tomato sauce was star cross (for lovers), and in the same aisle i noted heinz ketchup with jalapeno which i picked up for c. because she likes both heinz and peppery foods. i picked up some strawberry preserves because i remembered we were low. there were no green or purple grapes in sight but i grabbed some red grapes, and strawberries, and red michigan apples. i picked up a pack of angry orchard cider (it's fast become a favorite since i've always preferred alcoholic cider to beer, which i didn't drink at all until my friend turned me on to craft beer; i picked up some promotional pint glasses at the movie theater's bar, macguffin's, recently and they're illustrated in black&white except for the bright red of an apple hanging from the angry tree), their seasonal variety called cinnful because it's spiced with cinnamon.
everything was red. (excepting some mustard i bought). i even heard red, red wine (ub40) on the radio on the drive home from work. and in the mailbox was a bright red netflix envelope -- we'd had a long gap because c.'s queue (i boycott them) had run out and she hadn't updated until just very recently.

i was a bit concerned.
but it wasn't cincinnati reds red. it was a cincinnati reds' blues blue red.

with a lot of fireworks with every pirates home run and then the win.
Tags: baseball, blue, pittsburgh, wastes of gunpowder and sky

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