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i didn't bring in the mail earlier. c. seldom brings in the mail. so i just brought it in a few minutes ago. well after we'd clinched an alcs spot.

and there they were, my authentic hard copy tickets to the tigers' three home games versus boston in the alcs next tuesday, wednesday, and thursday (if necessary). timely. i'd finally gotten lucky the morning they went on sale and gotten seats through the official tigers website instead of having to go through stubhub (the tickets go on sale before the team has even qualified for the next round). i haven't had any hard copy postseason tickets thus far (including 2011 & 2012) because i'd always chosen the default 'print at home' option. they're a nice souvenir these real tickets.

i also received, from the same mailing facility in texarkana, my standing room only tickets for two of the pirates games in the nlcs. sad, but they're a nice souvenir too, these tickets to a game that was never scheduled, will never be played. a nice reminder both of what was accomplished and what was just out of reach.

speaking of pittsburgh, when i was there this past weekend, i found a quarter randomly sitting on the floor of the backseat of c.'s mother's van. it was massachusetts.
i received two quarters in change at the ballpark on monday afternoon. minnesota (i don't know why) and massachusetts. i may not be headed to boston, but my tigers are. so it goes.
Tags: all in the timing, baseball, boston, detroit, everything else is just progress, grace notes, neverwas, numismatics, pittsburgh

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