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these things happen

as writ elsewhere:

with the [new york football] giants clinging to a 20-13 lead early in the fourth quarter and the [green bay] packers about to start a series at their 30, [jason] pierre-paul said in the huddle he was going to pick a pass and score. pierre-paul hadn't seen the packers' formation and he hadn't been listening to coach mike mccarthy talk to scott tolzien on the sideline. he just knew, and he was right.

pierre-paul scored on a spectacular, leaping 24-yard fourth-quarter interception return and the resurgent giants won 27-13 over the slumping and injured-riddled packers.

"i have never seen anything like it before in my life," fellow defensive end justin tuck said. "we were literally in a tv timeout and he said, 'i'm going to pick this.'"

tuck said pierre-paul made the call before the giants had even called a defense.

"if you look at my reaction to him picking it, i was in awe because he had just called it before it happened," tuck said. "he called it before seeing the formation, so i don't know if it was voodoo. i don't know."

pierre-paul, [for whom it had been] questionable [whether he could play in the game at all] because of a shoulder injury [suffered in the game] against oakland that limited him to one day of practice, said he had a feeling.

"i knew i could deliver that play, that significant play, and i did," pierre-paul said. "it changed the game."
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